Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Audio Quiz Rules

1. DO NOT discuss the identification in the comment section on facebook. Such comments will be deleted to give everyone a chance at identifying the photo without hints.

2. Submit your answer with as many species as you can hear and identify in the recording. Just the loudest species will be counted for the correct answer, but we will give bonus points for other species found on recordings.

3. Please submit your quiz answers to by the end of the day on the second Sunday after the quiz is put up. Put "RMBO Audio Quiz #(fill in number!)" in the subject. Put the name of the bird species, your full name and hometown in the body of your email. Click here to submit your answer!

4. At the end of the year, the person with the most correct answers, or in the event of a tie a randomly selected winner, will receive a RMBO hat.

Good luck!

Jason and Jeff
RMBO Audio Quizmasters

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