Wednesday, November 4, 2009

RMBO Audio Quiz #4 - Answer

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Our first owl species for the quiz! Owls can be difficult simply because we just don’t hear them often. I thought that this would be an easy quiz and was surprised that a few folks answered incorrectly. These simultaneously vocalizing owls are Eastern Screech-Owls that I recorded at the infamous Crow Valley campground on August 17, 2008. As I began to write the answer to this week’s quiz it occurred to me that I was not certain if either of the vocalizations heard here (the “whinny” or the “trill”) can be called a “song”. Some species of owls have what can be called a “male advertising song” but are either of these known to be vocalizations exclusive to male Eastern Screech-Owls? I would be curious if anyone out here has an answer to that question!

Here are the seven respondents that answered correctly this week:

Andy Bankert
Tayler Brooks
Jack Chiles
Katie Stassen
Joel Such
Marcel Such
Charles Swift


Jason Beason
RMBO Audio Quizmaster

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