Wednesday, December 2, 2009

RMBO Audio Quiz #6 - Answer

Play audio on player below or click here to download mp3.

In this quiz, there were three audible species. One, is a vocalization that I believe every should know and was fairly obvious – Pinyon Jay. One of the other calling species, Red-winged Blackbird, shouldn’t have been too difficult, I think. The last calling species was a toughy! This one was a super-bonus and I would have been surprised if anyone guessed correctly (no one did). It was a Lewis’s Woodpecker and you can hear it do a sharp call in the beginning and the end of this recording. I obtained this recording in my yard near Paonia, Colorado on March 7th, 2008.

The following people correctly identified Pinyon Jay on this quiz and three of them identified Red-winged Blackbird as well (* = 1 bonus point):

Andy Bankert
Carl Ingwell *
Joel Such *
Marcel Such *


RMBO Audio Quizmaster

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